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Piercing, like tattoos, is a very personal decision, though in most cases, not permanent. Though the decision may be easier than getting a tattoo for this reason, the caring of the piercing, both right after and for a while after, is not to be taken lightly.


Piercing is a great way to express body art in areas that are seen, as well as areas that are concealed. Thought needs to be given, just like tattoos, to the visibility of your piercing and if there will be any conflict with the company you work for or any future career search. Some companies have very specific rules as to what piercings can be visible and you want to make sure you are versed on this in making your decision.


Here are the types of piercings we do at Morning Star Tattoo Shop:


• Nostril

• Bridge

• Cheeks

• Eyebrow

• Anti-Eyebrow

• Smiley

• Lip

• Tongue

• Medusa

• Monroe

• Septum



• Surface

• Naval

• Dermal Anchors

• Nipple

• Ears:

• Lobes

• Cartilage

• Conch

• Tragus

• Anti-Tragus

• Industrial

• Daith

• Helix

• Orbital

• Snug

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Piercing After Care

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