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I've been an art lover, especially tattoos, since I was a kid. But I was only introduced to the world of fascinating and beautiful tattoos in 1989. In that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life. In 1996 I started tattooing friends, in those days I didn't have access to professional tattoo equipment or artists willing to share information and experience. But my desire to become a Tattoo Artist was bigger than all the problems. So I started with a homemade machine and in my first tattoo I knew that working with bad equipment wasn't the right way to do good work. In 1999 I met an artist that was willing to share some of his experience. He told me how to get a real tattoo machine.

I kept on tattooing as a hobby until 2005 when I decided that it was time to open my first shop, but I still wasn't happy. There were no artists open to sharing or learning more. I kept on working though, seeking more information in order to grow as an artist. In 2007 I met a few artists who thought and felt the same about our local scene. We shared a lot of good experiences and how the tattoo scene was criminalized in our city. It was time to do something to reverse the publics idea of our culture. Who was going to give credit to a bunch of "Crazy, Strange tattooed dudes"? We had no support from our local government much less from the Health Department. We went to our city hall to talk to the authorities, to explain how important it is to have laws and an Operative Oversight in the shops because it was a matter of Public Health. They were impressed and immediately started to inspect shops and their premises. They demanded Sanitation Licensing, Biosafety Courses (controlling disease and infections), Biohazard Disposal, Sterilization Courses and Equipment, and many other things.

In 2008 we had our first local Tattoo Convention (Body Art Matogrossense). Our staff went to local TV and radio programs announcing the event. Surprisingly the event was a total success! It changed the local scene forever, we had great support from our community because they saw how serious and professional the artists were. I also had the opportunity to participate in one of the most important events in the country, Led's Tattoo International Convention in Sao Paulo 2008/2009. I then participated in other events like Festival calango in Cuiaba and Goiania 2008/2009, Misc Music and Arts Festivals in Cuiaba and Brasilia 2009/2010, and Dkebra Hip-Hop Festival 2010/2011 among others, where I acquired great experiences and friendships with superb artists Like Edson Ferreira and Massa Nissitiu from Hori Kyu Tattoo Family-Japan with is millenary technique (Tebori). Tattoos made with needles attached to a bamboo stick.

I love all tattoo styles, black and gray, traditional Japanese, Maori (Polynesian) and many others. But I am always open to new challenges, each tattoo is a new opportunity to learn. All artists should know that if they don't take their art serious they will never become a real artist. Fact.

"Truly love your art, success is just going to be a consequence of your good work."

Courses and Certificates:

• Biosafety

• Sterilization

• Hori Kyu Tattoo Family - Japan (Japanese Tattoos)

• Led's International Tattoo Convention

• Body Art Matogrossense Tattoo Convention

• Hepatitis Immunization (Vaccines)

• Woodburning (Pyrography)